Why Martial Arts?

“Always do your best and never give up.”FlyingJoe

– Aledo Martial Arts School Motto

A sharp and focused mind. Transformed body posture and inner strength. The discipline to persevere and achieve goals. The self-confidence that deters bullies and would-be assailants. The ability to physically defend oneself if necessary. The strength and fitness to function at a high level. These are traits we all would like for ourselves and our children.

In our community, we have many activities to choose from that are edifying in some way or another. And while it’s important to find balance in the things we put our time and effort towards, few activities can deliver the opportunities for personal growth that the martial arts can. It would be difficult to find three disciplines that, when put together, cultivate the traits listed above. And yet, Aledo Martial Arts exists to instill these traits in all its members.

Personal Development

People often think that the martial arts are all about fighting. You might be surprised to learn that we at Aledo Martial Arts wholeheartedly agree! Each and every day is a fight, from the moment we wake until we lie down for the night. We fight not to hit the snooze. We fight our urges to eat unhealthy foods. We fight our impulse to tell our co-workers exactly how we feel about them. We fight to pay attention in school even when the teacher is “SO BORING.”

The martial arts offer a way to combat these poor decisions by cultivating self-discipline, respect, humility, and other important values. Today, the wrong choice is easier to make and more readily accessible. It is crucial that we equip our children and ourselves with the skills to identify the wrong choices and the courage to make the right ones instead.

Self Defense

Martial arts training at Aledo Martial Arts imparts the skills and confidence to fight back against assault. Teaching these skills is accompanied by development of the character traits mentioned above to help our members discern the appropriate time to use force. We at Aledo Martial Arts understand that self defense is a thoroughly complex subject and requires consideration of legal and psychological issues in addition to physical skill and technique. But martial arts training is an important piece in a greater strategy for keeping yourself safe.

Physical Fitness

When you consider that heart disease is the number one killer in America and obesity and type 2 diabetes rates are growing, especially among children, you can see how the health and fitness benefits of the martial arts can be as life-preserving as the self-defense skills. In all classes, we work on strengthening and toning the muscles of the body, gaining or regaining flexibility, developing coordination, and improving stamina. All of these life-preserving aspects help avoid illness, reduce stress, and provide lasting energy throughout the day leaving you excited to do the things you love doing.


Some of our members like to participate in local tournaments while others just enjoy sparring with their classmates. Either way, they get the thrill of competition that people love about playing sports. Maybe some injury is keeping you from playing competitive ball sports. Maybe team sports aren’t your cup of tea. Maybe you never had a knack for one of the “big three” (football, baseball, basketball) and hated sitting the bench. No one sits the bench in martial arts. Everyone participates; everyone is met at their own level; and everyone advances at their own pace.

But martial arts aren’t just an alternative to competitive sports. Martial arts can help you perform better and avoid injury in the sports you play. Cross training in martial arts results in uncommon strength and flexibility, better body awareness, greater balance, and a more sportsmanlike attitude – all of which transfer over to any sport.


What makes it all work better than any other activity? The answer is the biggest secret in the martial arts. Martial arts is a lot of FUN! Fun is what binds the whole package together. Giving your all and sticking with something you enjoy and find beneficial on many levels is easier than doing something only because you know it’s good for you. Aledo Martial Arts is a family- and friendship-based school. We love having families train together, and even if you don’t know anybody in the class when you first sign up, you WILL make friends!