Our Programs

Martial Arts Kids Class

In the Martial Arts Kids Program, students focus on the Tae Kwon Do fundamentals of our martial arts curriculum.  Through regular practice they build self-esteem and confidence and gain the self-
assurance and personal strength to say “no” to peer pressure.  They develop the poise and mental toughness to stand up to a bully without violence.  Keen attention is paid to the personal development aspects of martial arts including self-discipline, respect, and character education.  Classes are lively, quick-paced, and fun.  Students’ ages in this program range from 5 to 13 years old.  Aledo Martial Arts teaches kids the success skills they need to excel at school, at home, and in life.

Martial Arts Adults/Family Class


In the Martial Arts Adults/Family Program, students learn our entire martial arts curriculum, which is based in Tae Kwon Do. Groundfighting, takedowns, and weapons are aspects of the curriculum that are taught regularly in the Adults/Family program but that are not emphasized in the Kids program.  Students’ ages in the Family program range from 13 years old to adult.  Children younger than 13 are encouraged to enroll in this program if they would like to train with their parents or older siblings.  Classes are both physically and mentally challenging.  Aledo Martial Arts incorporates fitness training, for the improvement of strength, endurance, and flexibility, into all Adults/Family classes.  Students get fit, have fun, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and make new friends while learning practical self defense.  With each class and new belt rank attained, students learn additional techniques and skills as they progress toward the goal of black belt and beyond.

Weapons Class

Students who are a green belt or above can learn the basics of various martial arts weapons, including nunchucks, sticks, bows, swords and more. There is an additional monthly fee of $44 for this class. Contact Mr. Brandt at kyle@aledomartialarts.com or 817-480-5041 for more information.